Green room, make-up studio, or bedroom.

Whatever your need for an American Luxury RV, whether as dressing room acommodation when filming, extra green room space, a production meeting area or as a prop to be filmed - we can work with you to make that happen.

With a high quality interior, beautiful bedding, crockery and towels and all the mod cons, everything your production needs is right here. The fully equipped kitchen and shower room, together with privacy screens and doors make this a multifunctional, practical and stylish space.

American RVs have an added luxury that many European ones can’t match, extendable slide-out walls, increasing the interior space and making your experience so much more comfortable. 6-8 people can comfortably relax and work, and the extension of the 3m by 3m awning, creates an extra outdoor room, with a stylish floor mat, table and chairs.


Contact us at pop_up_rv@icloud.com.

All bookings include free Covid-19 cancellation for 2021.